Design spotlight: Stacie Clark

This week’s knitwear design spotlight shines upon the talented Stacie Clark; an award-winning luxury knitwear designer with a strong love for traditional artisanal crafts.

Stacie first learnt how to knit as a child from her mum (it’s the best way to learn!), and since went on to gain a 1st Class Honours Degree in Fashion in 2014, focusing on both crochet and knitting. Talk about living the dream!

Since graduating, Stacie has become a freelance knitwear designer, and also created an award winning debut collection for AW15. Below are some photos mostly taken from her graduate collection:

You can quickly see the voluminous shaping of the pieces, and the complimentary style of the colours chosen which when combined, make for a very flattering silhouette. I particularly love the navy crocheted cropped trousers above! Also, the panelling on some pieces in combination with sections of knitting or crochet is really striking texturally.

In an article published on her Facebook page, Stacie was quoted as saying; “Winter is my favourite season, and there’s nothing I love more than soft, cosy layers and the feeling of being hugged by clothes to keep the chill out. With that in mind, alongside my fascination with textures, it seems only natural that I gravitated towards knitwear as a designer and creating a brand that focuses on the ideal that fashion should be comfortable and expressive with a little touch of luxury. For me, it’s about enjoying the simple pleasures in life, and appreciating the crafts.”

You certainly get a sense of Autumn and Winter from these cosy, chunky knit pieces. And the ‘touch of luxury’ she describes can be seen through the various layers and sections of generous amounts of material. Beautiful!

Here’s looking forward to more amazing things from this innovative designer. Especially now that Autumn/Winter is coming up.

Check out Stacie Clark

Excerpts and photos taken from Stacie Clark womenswear Facebook page

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