See Rexy roar with Coach’s latest offering


Any Thesaurus will tell you that related words to ‘dinosaur’ include ‘moth-eaten’, ‘unfashionable’ and ‘timeworn’. Luckily, the latest item on my knitwear radar is none of the above! Well, apart from donning the ‘dinosaur’ moniker, that is.

Coach’s 100% cashmere Rexy crewneck sweater is the most awesome knitwear design I’ve seen so far this winter, and utilises the intarsia knitting technique so cleverly. It’s so good, that it even makes me feel ambivalent, if not excited(!), for the sudden cold snap we’ve been experiencing.

The jumper was designed in a variety of colourways, including pink, grey, navy, green and black versions. Perhaps they also should have considered amber!


Adorned by many famous faces including Kate Moss, Daisy Lowe and Winona Ryder, it’s certainly featured high in the style stakes already and is sold out online at Coach and in most other Coach stockists, although there are still a couple waiting to be snapped up at Farfetch.

This beastly sweater is not a pinch either, retailing at an eye-watering £572. But anyone lucky enough to own one would no doubt wear it to extinction, so it’s probably very worth the hefty price tag. No doubt we’ll be seeing similar, more affordable high street versions soon enough. Here’s hoping, anyway…

Dinosaurs are easily the coolest creatures to have ever roamed the earth, so it’s only fair that they get some more time in the limelight. Now excuse me while I go and drool over this a little longer.

Check out Coach and the rest of the Rexy range.







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